CAMELLIA TEA, a new tea concept from the AG FOODS Group a. s., presents a modern, elegant approach accentuating a presentation of tea in gastronomy to attract attention of a wide spectrum of customers. This tea line is intended solely for hotels, restaurants, cafés and other gastronomical facilities.

It unites elements of modern design, untraditional and at the same time elegant presentation of tea and especially a premium quality of tea blends. By using interesting, uncommon materials, it evokes a feeling of lightness and fineness which are the synonyms of tea consumption itself.

Wide variety of flavors

Carefully selected composition of flavors corresponds with the latest tea trends of Central and Western Europe.

In our large variety of flavors you will find not only classic black and green tea but also harmonious herbal blends and refreshing fruit specialties.

Premium quality

Individual blends are made of material of supreme quality so the well-balanced combination of flavor and aroma is achieved.

Camellia Tea brings you an unforgettable experience and a felling of satisfaction in every sip.

Support of sales

We offer a large marketing support, from attractive presentation display of packets through original tea portion case, a playfully executed menu list of flavors to a high-quality glass tea set which accentuates experience of tea consumption.

Find a moment and indulge in a cup of smooth tea throughout a day.